Whether you grew up in a family that was filled with bliss or swirling with drama – you have family karma.

Family karma is encoded into the cells of your body, the structure of your thoughts, and the tides of your emotions. Sometimes you hear the karma as a voice in your head. Other times the words come right out of your mouth. Either way it limits your life.

Whether you’re the “most beloved” or the “black sheep” matters little. Every karmic role traps you in a pre-determined pattern of thought, speech, and action. It’s like being in an endless season of re-runs. You know every line before it’s ever spoken.

Family karma moves your life along on autopilot.

It propels you down a programmed and defined karmic path. You seem to be making choices – but really you’re being compelled by the karmic momentum. But, this karma trajectory is only fixed to the degree that your family karma remains un-resolved or un-healed.

It is possible to heal family karma.

To do so liberates your soul from constrictive patterns – so you can live your true life. A life of creative choice and deep soul congruence. This means living with more joy, courage, and compassion.

Healing Family Karma

HFK-Doodle-Color1-782x1024Learn how to untie the karmic “knots” and liberate yourself from repetitive patterns of the past. Until those patterns get untied – it’s easy to be triggered.

You can be going along having a perfectly normal day when – BAM – a certain look, tone of voice, or word triggers a karmic reaction. Think about it – who are the people in your life who trigger your karmic reactions? (They don’t even have to be alive to have this power.)

Everyone has one or more key “trigger people.”

These are people who, seemingly without effort, can push your buttons and trigger an all-out karmic meltdown. It’s frustrating to find yourself repeating those old emotional patterns and getting caught up in those repetitive dramas. But it’s not necessary to continue this pattern.

You can become “trigger free.”

But not just by “understanding” your patterns. Understandings – ideas, theories, and thoughts – as delightful as they can be – don’t get to the root of the matter. It takes a deeper level of inner contact to truly touch and transform the family karma.

The Wisdom Heart methods give you simple ways (though they do take practice) of touching and transforming your karma at the cellular and soul level. When you shift at these deeper levels – powerful changes naturally emerge into your life.

This program will give you specific Wisdom Heart methods and teachings you can use to heal your family karma, including:

  • The purpose of your family karma (it’s not what you think).
  • Meditative techniques for healing family wounds.
  • Becoming non-reactive to “trigger” people.
  • How to transcend your karmic role and live with soul congruence.
  • The function of forgiveness in reclaiming your spiritual power.

In this eight-week process, you’ll be filled with profound and practical information, soul-deep healing, and practices you can use daily to live more freely and fully.

You will quickly experience more clarity, freedom, and love in relationship to key people in your life.

Not just your family life – your whole life. Because without any added effort on your part, the healing that comes through these Wisdom Heart practices will enhance other areas in your life.

I had a chance to test the results of the Healing Family Karma meditations this summer with my ex-husband during a family gathering at Yosemite. We had not spoken much in the 10 years since our divorce. At the end of the trip, we sat and talked about us. This was the healing. I shared from the heart with no anger or concern for him to really hear me. And it went in!

Later I spent time with my oldest brother at a wedding. He’d been mad at me with no room for forgiveness for over 20 years. (My family doesn’t do fake forgiveness or “niceness”. They just cut you out). Well, I sat down and talked with him. And all felt open and forgiven.

My heart feels softer and my family has just grown through the Healing Family Karma practices. The progression that you led us through really works. Thank for sharing your wisdom and hearts with us.”

Is this what you’re longing for?

  • To feel calm, centered and clear when interacting with challenging people.
  • To stop getting stuck in emotional dramas.
  • To liberate yourself from over-whelm, over-responsibility, over-sensitivity.
  • To be yourself – with openness, love, and strength.
  • To deepen your connection to people you care most about.

That’s what people who’ve come to our Healing Family Karma retreats and online programs find. Which are true for you? When it comes to healing family karma – the needs run deep and sometimes despite years of therapy or spiritual work – the patterns still persist.

family karma

What is so hard about family karma?

The patterns that were learned and reinforced in your early years are deeply encoded into your body and mind. You can’t become free by thinking about or even “understanding” your personal history.

You need to connect to a deeper level of being – in order to balance those deep karmic needs and tap the great reservoirs of creativity that are tied up in the karmic drama.

At this deeper level – which you will reach through the guided practices – change isn’t hard.

It doesn’t have to be hard.

Here’s the amazing discovery that you will make: you can transform without gnashing of teeth, struggle, or years on the meditation cushion or therapist’s couch. Therapy is amazing and useful. The Healing Family Karma methods will accelerate therapeutic breakthroughs and then take you to a level of transformation that is beyond conventional therapy and encodes those breakthroughs into your daily life.

cathe burnham“I’ve had breakthroughs and shifts before, but this program went deeper.
I had no idea how you were going to use symbols or practices. But you gave me both – without any airy-fairy-ness. Your descriptions were so lucid – it made the ancient teachings practical and connected to my experience.

You showed me how to go to the root and heal at the core.
You gave me structures that helped me zero in on the roots of my emotional wounds with my father and also those associated with my former mate. Your approach is powerful and clear.”

– Cathe Burnham, La Jolla, California

If you want a real breakthrough in your life – heal your family karma.

The Healing Family Karma course will teach you how to:

  • Unravel the mystery of karma and your karma – through the structure of your family relationships.
  • Free yourself from limiting patterns of the past.
  • Convert emotional reactions into creative energy.
  • Customize the practices to your specific life conditions.

This will enable you to live with ease, abundance, and love – enriching your relationships, your work, and your well-being.

You get there by going step-by-step through four modules containing clear lessons, exercises, and examples. This way you’re not overloaded and actually integrate, and put into practice, what you’re learning.

Each step of the course is practical, so you won’t have to wait until the very end to see results. Each time you apply one of the methods – you will see and feel shifts in your sense of ease, energy, and capacity to engage with the world creatively.

We use the Wisdom Heart learning methodology.

It’s a drip system approach. Small, easy-to-absorb “drips” of experience, information, and inspiration take you deeper day-by-day.

Why the drip . . . drip . . . drip?

To reach deep into the conditioned – patterns and to transform at the neurological level – takes this precise drip-drip-drip approach. We’re not after a big experience that fades away. We want you to integrate the teachings and assimilate the changes that the program will initiate.

Our learning methodology weaves the awakening process into your daily life using:


Daily Teachings (PDF & MP3 format)

Daily Teaching doodleThe 8-weeks of daily teachings are informative and inspiring. They are delivered in written (PDF) and recorded (MP3) form. All the teachings come in digital format, so that you can download them directly to your computer and, from there, to your mp3 player of choice.

It’s not a fire hose of information. It’s a transformative process that uses daily inspirations to shift your mindset, lift your attitude, and deepen your understanding.

Guided Spiritual Practices (MP3 format)

Guided Practice doodleThe guided spiritual practices gently and skillfully take you beyond the mind. Professionally recorded, these artful meditations and heart-opening mantras connect you with the sources of wisdom, guidance, strength, and healing within.

The recordings can be downloaded directly to your computer and, from there, to your mp3 player of choice.

ed weber photo“Here’s my highest compliment: the course was more challenging than I thought it would be. You took me into deep water. And while going deep isn’t always easy, you constructed the program so that I moved into deep water in a safe way.

You layered the teaching in such a way that was familiar but also completely new.
The body of the course was familiar to me from my yoga studies and training. But, you made it new. You teach the deep yoga principles in a way that are universal and applied it all to my real life.

It’s real life. You focus on all the levels of life – from the most external to the most spiritual. It’s about working with the mind and my life. I have a new tool belt of techniques to use to heal that important part of me that needs to be healed.”

– Ed Weber, Charleston, West Virginia

An overview of the Healing Family Karma Modules:

Module One – Weeks 1 & 2
How Karma & Family Karma Function

Module 1 doodleIn the first module, you’ll learn:

  • What karma really, really is all about. (It’s not punishment and reward, not fate, not a cosmic accounting system.)
  • How Life is an experiential learning environment structured to allow you to fulfill your deepest dream.
  • How to uncover the hidden attitudes about Life that you inherited from your family/culture – so you can bless and release them in order to live more fully.
  • How to fundamentally shift your relationship to Life so that inner tensions, pressures, and conflicts release.
  • How to enter very deeply into Wisdom Heart consciousness and open to unconditional healing energy.
  • How to work with the patterns of reactivity and emotionality that obscure your deep learning process.

Module Two – Weeks 3 & 4
Healing with Wisdom & Loving Awareness

Module 2 doodleIn the second module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Allow the unconditional blessing of the Wisdom Heart to heal the wounds of the past.
  • Instantly deepen your meditation practice.
  • Extract and integrate the wisdom, strength, and creativity from everyday challenges.
  • Develop your Family Mandala: a symbolic image that reveals the energetic/emotional dynamics of your family karma. (Your Family Mandala gives you direct access to the unredeemed energies of the past that need attention, healing, and liberation.)

In this module, you also learn The Center of Gravity technique – a powerful yogic meditation that works with body tensions and sensations to:

  • Resolve conflicted patterns of mind/emotion
  • Bring imbalanced states into balance
  • Heal the wounds of the past
  • Make the unconscious conscious

Module Three – Weeks 5 & 6
Releasing Dormant Wisdom & Creativity

Module 3 doodleYour ability to connect with the Wisdom Heart is supremely simple . . . and sometimes very challenging. Particularly when you’re emotionally triggered, vulnerable, and uncertain. Of course that is precisely when making the Wisdom Heart connection is most needed. Which is why this module is all about building capacity.

In this third module, you’ll learn how to:

  • Build capacity for maintaining your connection to the Wisdom Heart – sustaining clarity, compassion, and presence – in the face of your karmic triggers.
  • Realistically and systematically develop your capacity – using elegant meditation techniques and in-the-moment methods.
  • Turn the process of going deeper into a fun adventure, using a combination of formal and informal meditation practices.

This may well be the most nourishing lesson of the entire program. Once you know how to build capacity, you’re ready for . . .

Module Four – Weeks 7 & 8
Crossing the Karmic Threshold into Freedom

Module 4 doodle

In all sacred traditions there is the image of the seeker standing at the threshold. In order to enter the sacred land, you must open the gate and cross the threshold. The gate both blocks your path and invites you forward.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • About your karmic gate – that place in your consciousness that you must open and pass through in order to fulfill your deepest dream.
  • How to find your way to the gate, grasp the key that unlocks your patterns of limitation, and cross the threshold with grace and joy.
  • Principles and practices to apply in daily life as you continue to approach, unlock, and pass through the sacred gates of your experience.

This fourth and final module integrates all the previous material and methods into a powerful practice that will serve you in every chapter of your life.

Here are the bonuses we offer to make the program even more effective:

Bonus #1: Access to a private discussion forum 

There is a private discussion forum within the members area for Healing Family Karma participants only. This is the place to continue the conversation, track progress, get and give support, and ask questions of Eric.

Bonus #2: How to make your Family Karma Mandala (Video)

This video, featuring Wisdom Heart co-founder Devi Bliss, takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your Family Mandala.

The Family Mandala is a key element of the Healing Family Karma process. It is a visual and psychological “map” that is used to intensify and focus the meditative practices. Following the guidance that Devi provides in this video will allow you to create a mandala that deepens your healing process.

Bonus #3: 6 Hours of Advanced Teachings on Overcoming Healing Family Karma Obstacles

In these specially recorded teachings, Eric answers questions and explains how to overcome the obstacles that arise as you heal your family karma. Key issues deal with power dynamics and working with emotional triggers.

2 Ways to Experience this Program

1) Dip your toe in

If you aren’t quite ready to commit, we invite you to access the first four lessons for FREE. This will allows you to experience the Wisdom Heart approach.

Notice for yourself whether you want to go deeper. If you feel the deep and wholehearted call to join us on this awakening journey – you can enroll in the complete course, which includes ongoing support and access to other free courses for the twelve months.

2) Make the journey

When you sign up, you receive the full program and all the teachings that follow. This program is just the start of the awakening journey that includes weekly teachings, monthly calls, and daily support . . . for a year.

We’ll be with you sharing monthly, weekly, and even daily ways for you to stay inspired, practicing, and going deeper.

Dip Your Toe In Make the Journey
First 4 lessons
red check
8 weeks of spiritual teachings
8 weeks of guided meditations
Private Facebook group
On-going WH teachings, practices, and support – monthly/weekly/daily .
Free participation in other Wisdom Heart courses .
Special pricing for Wisdom Heart retreats .



Best Value:

$270 for 12 months
(2 months FREE)


jburik_image1I had my doubts. My email is constantly filled with offers of trainings and workshops. And as someone with graduate degrees in counseling and psychology, working as an academic, I tend toward the skeptical side.

But I participated in a telephone conference, watched a few short introductory videos and decided to sign on. I was not disappointed. What most impressed me about Eric was that he didn’t say “Believe this.” His approach was more on the order of “Try this,” and decide for yourself.

What’s more, his explanation of “family karma” fit perfectly with attachment theory and what we know about neuroscience and memory, specifically implicit memory.

I was able to reframe and reorganize an old memory with my father that had plagued me for years. Participating in Eric’s training was a positive experience and well worth it.”

– John Burik

Katie LahiffI wanted to bring healing to my relationship with one of my sisters.
I thought that the program might help me reopen to love for her and to help me figure out how I might approach her. You know: do it in the right way so that there would be healing between us.

I now understand that the healing has to be within me.
I need to continue to open to and cultivate love for the sister within – the part of me of which my sister is the outer manifestation. Whatever I am able to do outwardly will follow on the heels of inward healing. It is an ongoing process, until it’s done.

And, of course, it’s not just my sister. It is all the strife that I see in the world around me: cruelty, destruction, pain, violence; all that makes me turn and run for cover internally; all that I fear – which I’ve learned is the face of glory.

I have a meditation practice of three decades – yet still the program brought new insights and very deep healing experiences.
The meditations were great – so easy to follow. Your language and pace brought me into the heart. Even with teachings that I’d heard before, your presentation brought me new insights and real “ahas”.

This is a wonderful package of wisdom, meditation experience, with dialogue opportunities via FB and phone. So much support and real sense of safety and community!
I have already mentioned the program to others and will continue to do so.”

– Katie Lahiff, Chicago, Illinois

I had never experienced anything like this before. I didn’t know what to expect.

This work prepared me for and gave me the inner support to be able to handle the sudden death of my husband and to be able to communicate to my 2 young daughters in ways I never would have been able to before. I am always indebted to Eric and Devi for this education and awakening of my soul.”

jennifer wasmerI wasn’t sure how this would weave together with my Christian faith walk. What I very quickly discovered was that there were a lot of intersections with my spiritual path. In fact, the work I’ve done with you has really helped advance me on my journey.

The program created context and helped me understand not just karma and my divine experience – but the intimate connection between spiritual opening and my emotional, psychological, dream life, and my actions. This has been really powerful.

For a long while, my relationship with my father has felt fragmented — a lot of discord. Now I have a much stronger sense of symphony and harmony with my Dad. In fact, I had a long talk him on the phone yesterday. It’s probably the best talk we’ve had in years. I talked to him for an hour, and I usually can’t talk with him for more than 10 minutes! It’s working.

There’s much less “noise” in my relationship with father . . . and with my husband.
I don’t tangle up my father-karma with my experience of my husband. I may be late coming to this party – but it’s great! I feel more resonance and closeness with my husband and more wholeness in my life. This is wonderful. Thank you.”

– Jennifer Wasmer, Northampton, Massechusetts

Our Karma-Free Guarantee

It feels bad to receive money from people when they aren’t happy with what they get.
So we’re offering you this Karma-free Guarantee:

If, after you have the course in your possession – try it out. If you aren’t happy with what we’re offering – for any reason whatsoever – let us know.


  1. We’ll refund your payment. Ask anytime in the first month of the program – and we’ll refund 100% of the money you paid for the course.
  2. You will gift the program to someone who can use it. On your honor, we’ll ask you to then pass the course on to a friend, colleague, in-law, outlaw, whomever–someone you think might like and benefit from these teachings.

It’s Karma-Free: You get your money back and you get to be generous and benefit others.

Plus, if you let me know what you didn’t like about it, I’ll give you a recommendation for a book, author, website, or other resource that might suit you much better.

I’m really wanting you to get the help you need, no matter where it comes from.

martha lawrenceThe teachings and meditations have acted as an extended shamanic healing.
With Eric and Devi’s guidance, I have reintegrated aspects of myself—my ‘dismembered’ family—and as a result feel greater peace, wholeness, and genuine joy.

This course has made a profound, life changing, and tremendously positive shift in the way I feel about and perceive my family members. Thank you for the gift of Healing Family Karma.”

Blessings to you,
Martha Lawrence
San Diego, California

Eric_blue1-722x1024Still not sure?

Ask us any question at all. We promise we don’t do hard sell. We just want to make sure you feel you can approach us to ask questions. Email Eric here.